Wine Facts

9 facts about Wines

Did you ever try digging some interesting facts about wine? Well, if not, then here are some for you. Among various wine talks we have so far, this one will seem to be very amazing to you. Well, you must be aware about some of the basic facts about the wine. Wine is one of the old alcohol beverages with a long and fascinating history. Sipping a glass of wine while sitting with friends has been in trend since ancient times. Here are given some interesting facts about wine that will surprise you. Have a look below.

1. Do you know why red wine is red? Well because fermentation extracts color from the grapes skin. While white wine are white because they are not fermented with grapes skin.

2. We all know that wine offers us medical benefits but it is also a fact that it may increase chances of cancer by contracting digestive tract especially the esophagus. It may also lead to breast cancer.

3. Most of the wine is served in the glasses having curved rim at the top so that its aroma can stay there. The thinner the glass, the finer the rim, and the better the aroma will be.

4. If you want to taste the wine then hold the wine into mouth for a moment or two, then either swallows it or spit in the spittoon, the taste will stay there. A really nice will have a long aftertaste however inferior one will have short aftertaste.

5. There is right or wrong way to hold the wine glass if you are simply holding it from stem. It is because of the fact that if you will hold it from bowl it your hand’s temperature will raise the wine temperature.

6. Wine is made on every continent except the one i.e. Antarctica. The origin of wine is in Europe.

7. Drinking wine helps to improve the sex drive and adds much to the pleasure obtained after drinking.

8. The color of the wines indicates the location of their geographical origin. If the wine has darker color, it belongs to warm climate and lighter color comes from cold climates.

9. Woman gets drunk faster than man because of higher fat content in their body.

Moreover, wine is a perfect option for those who start a diet to their weight. Now-a-days, you can take help of smart wine app to make wine tasting notes and find delightful wine and food pairing that will enhance your drinking experience.

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